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WKPMA Agility Show 2018

Select a class below to view all of the images from that class.  Sorry but classes 12 & 13 were not photographed.

Finished images for classes 1 to 11 have all now been uploaded. Apologies if I did not capture your dog.

If you would like to purchase copies of any of the pictures in the galleries, click here for details.

Class 1

Newbies Agility

Class 2


Class 3

Micro/Small Agility

Class 4

Medium Agility

Class 5

Std/Large Agility

Class 6

Touch & Go

Class 7

Newbies Jumping

Class 8


Class 9

Micro/Small Jumping

Class 10

Medium Jumping

Class 11

Std/Large Jumping

Dog Show

Best in Show

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