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Obedience Training

Train your puppy with animal trainer and behaviourist Erin Neelands MA QTS KPA CTP.

Erin uses positive reinforcement techniques researched and developed over 15 years of teaching and training people and puppies. Communicating using body language and interpreting and modifying your puppies physical behaviour is her speciality.

Group classes will work on building reliable behaviours that translate well to the agility ring.

For further information please visit Erin's website:

Behaviours Trained

  • Eyes on me

  • Settle (sit / down on a mat)

  • Wait / Release

  • Polite walking

  • Recall

  • Targeting

  • Mine / Take it

  • Group etiquette

  • Focus & attention

Happy to welcome and work with

excitable or nervous dogs


When: Mondays

Cost: £12.50 per lesson

or £70 for 6week course

(per dog)

Puppies from 12 weeks to adult


Click here for the training flyer

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