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About Us

Frittenden Dog Agility was established in 2012 as a non-profit-making club, run by Jan & Ian Linch.  The club is a small friendly group based in Frittenden, Cranbrook, Kent.  We teach mixed ability agility, from beginners to the more advanced, and are also building a junior team.


We have two enclosed, fenced arenas with equipment for all dog heights.  Although both arenas are outside, so we are constrained a bit by the weather, we try not to cancel a session if the weather isn’t too bad.  After all, we still have to walk our dogs whatever the weather, and the fresh air does us all good!

Jan & Ian have advanced CRB certificates, which enables us to cater for junior teams, but we encourage all ages to bring along their dog/dogs to have some fun learning all about Dog Agility.  Dog Agility is great fun for the dogs because they so love to please their owners, and of course, it helps us to keep fit!  We welcome members of The Weald Well-being Group to come along, watch, or join in the Dog Agility.

Jan is a Kennel Club Agility Judge and teaches the rules of agility as well as the practical aspects.

We are members of the Agility Club and, thanks to our hardworking members and their dogs, Frittenden Dog Agility has now made it into the 2nd division of the Agility Club Awards.  Our aim is to get into the 1st division by the end of 2019.  You can also find us under clubs and trainers on

Our team is growing rapidly, as more and more people are becoming interested in Dog Agility.  Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can teach their dog(s) agility.  Your dog doesn’t have to be a pedigree or have Kennel Club papers.  However, once you are ready for competition, if your dog is not K.C. registered then we can help you and your dog apply to join the K.C. Activity Register.

Frittenden Dog Agility:

  • is fully insured and has passed all Health and Safety Regulations.Frittenden Dog Agility.

  • is registered with the Kennel Club as a “Listed Status Club to train and run competitions here at Frittenden.”

  • has trained first-aiders on site, with an AED machine available at all times.

Latest news can be found on our Facebook page:

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