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K9 Ultrasound Scanning

K9 Dog Ultrasound Scanning is a service offered to help you find out if your bitch might be pregnant.  This can be done with your dog in the comfort of your own home, or you can come to me!

If you have had your bitch mated, and would like confirmation as to whether she is pregnant or not, then an Ultrasound Scan is the ideal method using modern-day technology.

Ideally, your bitch should be between 28 and 30 days after mating in order to detect gestation sacs.  After 35 days, the tiny embryo’s become foetuses and foetal movement is sometimes also visible.

After each Ultrasound Scan you will receive the image/images taken, either by email or print.  Please see below for sample images of what to expect.

The cost of a single Ultrasound Scan is £50.00 + mileage (if applicable).  Travel up to 20 miles is included but anything over that will incur a 50p per mile charge each way.

Gestation sacs detected at 28 days in a Border Collie.


At 35 days foetal movement is sometimes visible.


At 42 days the Border Collie puppies average 6cm and are quite active.


At 49 days the skeletal system, body, and some organs can be identified.


At 56 days the puppies should be fully developed and continue to grow fast!

At 63 days puppies are at full term, lining up in the uterine horns ready for birth.

The scan on our Border Collie, "Bonnie", revealed quite a lot of puppies.

However, even scanning cannot exactly predict the result.

Bonnie had eight healthy puppies.

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